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With, Callistyle’s online Mandala classes you can learn to self-soothe from the comfort of your room, at a minimal cost, and with a flexible schedule.
An ed-tech startup, Callistyle deals provides students of all age groups training for various hobby and language courses

• We have the best online resources with teachers and trainers with over seven years of experience available.
• With us, there is no difference between online and offline learning as we have small groups which never exceed more than two students, thus ensuring each student gets one on one attention
• The mentor keeps in touch with students even after the course is completed. This helps us guarantee 100% results in the online mode.
• We also follow the Observation, Engagement, and Attraction model to ensure each student is able to learn at their pace.
Thus, with us, even 5-year-old kids can learn Mandala making.
With Callistyle, within a month you will be able to self-soothe and make decor for your home at the same time using Mandala Art.

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Course Overview

We live in a fast-paced work and this takes a toll on our mental-wellbeing as this pace of life increases stress and can lead to problems like anxiety. One way to effectively disconnect from the rat race is through art. In the words of Sudami Mandara, Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circles. Mandala is made using geometric patterns and represents the deities in various celestial worlds. The purpose of this is to relax and find harmony in oneness with the universe, making it both art and a form of meditation.
This mandala course teaches students of all ages how to self-soothe by using pen and paper and making various different types of Mandalas.

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Benefits Of Learning This Course

ImprovingMandala Art can bring several benefits, including:

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Course Syllabus

These techniques range from beginner styles at the beginner level to gradient Mandalas at the intermediate level and to Zen tangle doodle and Mandala Art at the advanced level.


Course Certification

Mandala courses provided by Callistyle are certification based.

Once enrolled, you will receive certification at the completion of the course.

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Who Can Learn This Course


Business Owners

Working Professionals

Home Makers

Anyone who is Above 4+ Years Can Learn this Course.

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Course Duration

Dot Mandala Art 8 classes each level (Total 3 level)
Pen Mandala Art 8 classes each level (Total 3 level)

Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this Course

Yes, Adults can learn Mandala and the more you make Mandala Art, the better at it you will get.

Yes, Mandala Art can be learned through online classes.

You can learn Mandala making through Callistyle’s best online Mandala classes. The key to making Mandalas is to take it slow, drawing one shape at a time, in the whole circle. Then you can build on it.

Mandala art has been shown to have benefits for both mental and physical health

There is no need for specialized equipment for a beginner. All you need is pens, pencils, erasers, and paper or a digital drawing pad.

Yes, you can make Mandala Digitally, especially after learning at Callistyle’s best Mandala course online

Yes, Callistyle offers certificates for their Mandala course.

Mandala art has therapeutic and health benefits, it improves concentration and balance, reduces stress and blood pressure, boosts creativity, and can be used as home décor or a secondary source of income if one is good enough. Callistyle offers online Mandala courses which will make you an expert in almost no time.

While the process of making Mandalas is slow, grasping the technique is simple, especially with Callistyle’s best Mandala course.

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