How to Draw Mandala Art

How to draw mandala art
How to draw mandala art

1. How to draw mandala art

Mandala art is one of the most intriguing art forms that humankind can see and as well draw. It is open to all, you just need a plan with a guide, and you can do it too!

The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word ‘circle’, this circle is filled with geometric shapes and recurring patterns that somehow resonate with the person’s inner and outer world. We can say that it is the connection between the material and spiritual world.  There are basic rules that every mandala follows, such as the start from the center which then emanates slowly outwards, thus completing the art piece. This completeness gives mandala art meaning.

How to draw mandala art
How to draw mandala art

Various mandala art designs are existing, that contain both organic and geometric forms. They let you experience a sense of endless freedom within the comfort of closed spaces. Now, it all looks pretty interesting but very complex to start off with. But, trust me, if you know the steps and ways, you will be amazed at what you can bring into reality.

Easy mandala art for beginners comes with detailed steps on what instruments to use, how to make mandala art from the start, tips and tricks to make notes of while in the process, and much more.

Let us help you out with ways to make simple mandala art for beginners. Follow these steps below and do let us know how it turned out for you.

STEP 1: Keep your instruments ready

While making Mandala art you can start free hand but that will for sure leave you frustrated and force you to either give up halfway or not let you fully enjoy the process and sole purpose of it. The best tool that will help you with every art piece is the compass, for concentric circles that form the solid base of the mandala.

How to learn mandala art

You can also use the Helix 360-degree circle maker which works like magic and is really easy to use. Always make sure that you make the rough base of concentric circles using a pencil, and only then start with your patterns.

All you will need is a pencil, drawing pen, eraser, protractor, colors, and paper. You’re all good to go.

STEP 2: Repeat and repeat

Callistyle – mandala art

When you start with mandala art, you need to understand the importance of repeated patterns. The symmetry looks better when there is a recurring pattern with measured spaces. Also, you can try and make a pattern book. This book will contain all the different types of patterns. With repetitions, you get perfect at each pattern.

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STEP 3: Fill in the negative space

callistyle Mandala art fills the space

After drawing, identify empty spaces that could be engaged with a refill. Use the negative spaces and fill them with a drawing pen or use colors to brighten the mandala art. This will add definition and contrast to the drawing, making it look more beautiful.

STEP 4: Fix your mindset

callistyle – mandala art

Make sure that you enjoy the process, have your things ready, play some music, and chose your favorite spot. Run through the steps in your mind first and appreciate yourself every time you accomplish a step. It is a slow process and will take time, be prepared.

STEP 5: Erase

callistyle – Mandala art

Yes! Not the drawing but all the pencil lines. Make sure you use a drawing pen that remains unaffected by the action of an eraser. Once done, you can highlight the areas by darkening and adding in contrast. Now finally, you can show off your majestic piece of mandala art to your friends and followers. They will never know how easy mandala art can be 😉

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