Calligraphy Facts

calligraphy facts
calligraphy facts

1. What is Calligraphy

Here we are talking about Calligraphy facts. Calligraphy is a style of writing with the use of pens and other writing instruments. The essential tool for Calligraphy is Calligraphy Pen and Calligraphy Brushes. There are around 16 types of nibs that you choose according to your use and preference. Calligraphy pen’s nib varies for different writing styles.  Nibs may be flat, round, or pointed. The nibs range from Nikko G Nib to The Brause Rose Nib.

2. Calligraphy facts

calligraphy facts
calligraphy facts
  1. Edward Johnston is considered the father of modern calligraphy.
  2. Maureen Peter, from the U.S., is the best Calligrapher in the world.
  3. The earliest script to emerge from the Dead Sea writing was the Early Sefardic (Sephardic).
  4. Calligraphy is derived from a Greek word,” KALLOSGRAPHEIN” where “Kallos” means Beauty and “Graphein” means to write.
  5. Calligraphers of the 19th century created “Dip PEN” which was made of a wooden handle and a metal nib.
  6. World Calligraphy Day is celebrated on the 2nd Wednesday of August.
  7. The Romans were the first to invent Calligraphy
  8. A person who practices the art of Calligraphy is called Calligrapher
  9. Arabic Calligraphy has a rich history relating to this art form.

calligraphy is present with us in our day-to-day lives. calligraphy is the art related to writing.  calligraphy’s roots come from ancient China. they carved the characters in animal bones and shells. Calligraphy continues to flourish in the form of wedding invitations, font designs, logo designs, etc. calligraphy depicts creativity in oneself. hence, we consider calligraphy as an inevitable part.

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