5 Benefits of Learning Keyboard

benefits of learning keyboard
benefits of learning keyboard

Benefits of Learning Keyboard

Keyboards and pianos have always added the perfect sense of drama, taste, and depth to every musical piece that they have been a part of. Having its presence since the early 1700s, it has made its mark as a royal musical instrument. People are so fascinated by the power this instrument carries with itself, that it once was depicted as a status of royalty. In the western world, specifically the United States and the United Kingdom, Piano, and keyboard took off to a magnificent start with people indulging in this art form almost everywhere. There are several benefits of learning the keyboard today.

Although, with time, cultural shifts, and newer instruments taking over the stage, the Piano started losing its territory. But, at the same time as the world started getting westernized, another country took a massive interest in the abilities of the Keyboard. They even started producing and manufacturing their own set of keyboards to such an extent that the numbers they produce have outrun the origin country.

Can you guess the country? Even I was as astonished as you would be when you hear about it from me.

China! Yes, China has the greatest number of people playing the Piano. The Chinese have mastered this instrument within such a short period. Not only that, but they have also gone ahead and designed new, smart, and efficient new-generation Pianos. The love they’ve developed for this instrument is just magical. If you get to visit their Music China convention in Shanghai, you could lay your hands on such masterpieces. To name a few, they have:

  • Pianos with a touchscreen on fallboards.
  • Pianos made from plexiglass
  • Pianos with two keyboards! You could play this with your partner at the same time.
  • Butterfly lid pianos.

The Chinese have truly added a fun side to this royal instrument. Now that you’ve known a few interesting and lesser-known facts about the keyboard, let us drive this interest of yours in the right direction and steer it with action.

benefits of learning keyboard
benefits of learning keyboard

Why should you take keyboard classes?

The benefits that this musical instrument provides are just unbeatable. You’re really missing out on a lot if you choose otherwise. Let me explain the key benefits you could make optimum use of by learning the keyboard.

1. Split concentration

The world nowadays runs on the ability to smoothly multitask. By learning the keyboard, you and your child will be able to sharpen divided attention which enables you to multitask efficiently. To play the piano, you need to use both your hands, listen to the notes while playing, work the pedal, and also read music. So, you can imagine the finesse you would be gaining by just learning the keyboard.

2. Neuroplasticity

This refers to the brain’s ability to form synaptic connections. This helps the brain to change form and function. Playing the keyboard is the best way to do so.

3. Perseverance

Learning the piano and getting the knowledge and skill to play an entire song requires consistent effort and practice. While doing so, a new habit is being inculcated in the child. They understand the impact of perseverance from a young age and thus can succeed in various aspects of life.

4. Stress relief

Having an additional activity apart from daily routine and studies can enhance the mental health of your child by helping them cope with stress. By playing the piano, they can feel calm, sound-minded, and confident. This is one of the best benefits of learning a keyboard if you are facing stress issues in your job or work. Learn keyboard with Callistyle to get relief from Stress.

5. Expressiveness

Learning how to play the piano will instill a sense of expressiveness in your child. They will start understanding and applying different aspects such as body language, tone of voice, speed of speech, and notes. These lessons help them get a firm understanding of ways to channel their emotions.

FUN FACT: Practicing music at an early age can make structural changes to the brain that stay with you for the rest of your life.

Where can you learn the keyboard online?

At Callistyle, we have the best online Keyboard classes for kids and adults. With us, you can learn Keyboard online and get ready to witness a standing ovation on your best performance.

  • To give the best experience to our students, our experts, and teachers are keen on maintaining a friendly and supportive environment.
  • The duration of the online keyboard class is a minimum of 60 classes, and the schedule is highly flexible according to your convenience and availability.
  • Your child will return as a performer who stuns the audience.
  • We have a special offer, a FREE demo class just for you upon registration. So, what are you waiting for?
  • At Callistyle, we also train students in the following courses – Calligraphy, Handwriting improvement, Mandala art, Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Dancing, Singing, Playing instruments like Violin, Guitar, Keyboard, and Flute, Zumba, Yoga, Language courses such as Spoken English, Spanish, German, Korean, French, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, etc. for all age groups.

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