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Western Dance Class Online

The world is a platform where we feel and express all kinds of emotions. Dance has been one of the most acceptable ways of expressing feelings and narrating stories to the world. This art form pushes you to open up chakras and auras of yourself that are beyond reach otherwise. People in the ancient days were also actively involved in this art form, as seen in the beautiful carvings throughout historically rich countries such as India, Greece, and Russia.

In the olden days, dance was a graceful art form performed by artists adorned in extravagant costumes and ornaments; they performed wonderfully to please the kings and during festivals as an inaugural. Dance has been a part of everyone’s life, be it as a performance or as a celebration dance, there has not been one human who hasn’t danced. It is natural for all of us to dance when we are happy or when we win big; we confide in this blissful art form.

You must have heard of the phrase, “Dance your heart out.” It goes to say that dance has a deep connection with our hearts. What we feel in our hearts is what shows up during our performance—no wonder the judges compliment a brilliant dance performance by saying that it was heartfelt. What a dancer wants to convey through his performance is always felt in the heart of his audience.

There are various, and I would say countless, dance forms as each community, tribe, and the group has its dance forms. In our school days, we have studied different dance forms of India, each emerging from other states of the secular country. Dance is something that unites us all, be it any state, region, country, or language. A dancer needs just music and beat, and that’s more than enough for them to connect with a fellow dancer from an entirely different corner of the world.

This limitless art form is sure to help you connect with yourself and the world. Be it the happy dance or the wedding baarat, even the laziest of us shakes a leg on peppy beats.

We all dance, so why learn dance?

Western dance class online

dancing class

Dance is not just learning the steps and matching them to the beat. It is an entire process that needs you to follow teamwork, coordination, supporting each other, arranging costumes, putting up a show without errors, and smiling throughout, thus conveying a firm message to the audience. Even if you or any team member makes any mistake, dance teaches you to accept flaws and cover them gracefully. This art is a complete package that teaches you teamwork, problem-solving, self-sufficiency, and situation handling.

With time our bodies lose flexibility, and the endurance gets compromised, but if you practice dancing from a young age, you can delay the aging process and find a fun way to remain fit and healthy.

Dancing sharpens your memory and makes you a generally active person. While dancing, our body feels a rush of physiological processes, such as an increase in endorphins which make us feel happy, an increase in heart rate that keeps our heart healthy, and a better balance that keeps our posture in check.

There is no one reason that I could state that suggests that you shouldn’t dance. So, go ahead, get up and get rolling to the beats of your tune. If you carefully observe, the world is moving slowly in a rhythm, and a few chosen ones get to dance to this rhythm of life. Why shouldn’t it be you?

Where can I learn dance or find a dancing class?

Western dance class online

Dancing class

At Callistyle, we conduct Western dance class online for kids and adults. Learn dance online and get ready to tap your feet to the most fun beats, have fun while dancing with us and make sure you record yourself. Who knows, your dance could go viral and give you overnight fame?

To give the best experience to our students, in our Western dance class online our experts and teachers are keen on maintaining a friendly and supportive environment.
The duration of the Western dance class online is a minimum of 50 classes, and the schedule for our Western dance class online is highly flexible according to your convenience and availability.

Your child will return with the spirit of a true performer from our Western dance class online. 

We have a special offer for Western dance class online, a FREE demo class just for you upon registration. So, what are you waiting for? Join our Western dance class online today.

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