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People say money cannot buy happiness, but it indeed can when you use that money to purchase a guitar or invest in guitar lessons. Knowing how to play guitar is a seamless skill, and it carries along with the relaxed vibe as a default setting. All of us have looked at the school bands during our teenage years and thought of playing guitar at least once. 

The cool kids were the ones who played guitar back then. It is exciting to know that every instrument carries with itself a mood of its own. As we can see, a tabla or a veena brings a very classical and divine feel with itself. You feel spiritual with such instruments, but when somebody plays the guitar, it makes you want to tap your fingers, tap your feet, swing with the guitar’s strings, and sometimes throw yourself at the dance floor. 

But that’s not all. Do you know there are mental and physical benefits of learning guitar?

Here are the top 5 benefits of learning guitar that you can experience:

  • Instant therapy: Playing guitar is very therapeutic, so much so that you will not look back after you pluck the string for the first-ever time. The tunes, rhythm, and ambiance created by playing the guitar are genuinely blissful and therapeutic. Treat your soul with the pleasant notes by joining the Best Guitar Class Online.


  • Protects your heart:  A guitar can protect your heart? Yes, research shows that guitarists who practice for over 100 minutes a day have lower blood pressure and reduced heart rate, ideal for good heart health. So what are you waiting for? Join the Best Guitar Class Online now and enjoy being healthy.


  • Enhances creativity: It is essential to be creative in any environment, as it helps with the development of the brain. The guitar is one way to improve your brain’s creative side and develop skills to enhance growth. The strings on the guitar help you tune into your creative side in a whoosh. Help your kids to enhance their creativity by joining the Best Guitar Class Online.


  • Brain strength:  Old age is known for memory weakness. To slow down or curb down the process of physiological aging, you can learn how to play the guitar. Learning to play the guitar helps to increase the grey matter in the brain and strengthens the long-range connections. So no matter how old you are, join the Best Guitar Class Online and feel young always.


  • Confidence booster: An instrument that is so loved by every age population, brings in a rush of confidence when played. When you are a pro at playing guitar, the treatment you get from people is a pleasant feeling. It boosts confidence. Join the Best Guitar Class Online now and rock on with great confidence.

If these benefits do not fascinate you, the following facts about guitar might.

Do you know that the first guitar had strings made of the sheep intestine? It does seem a little gross, but that one invention has led to many finding their soulmates—no wonder all dating app bios are flooded with people showing off their guitar. 

The guitar is a unique instrument that responds and plays according to the artist’s techniques and idiosyncrasies. The way the tunes flow entirely depends on how you pull the strings. A standard guitar has six strings, each with a varying thickness, and they are labeled as string 1, string 2, string three, and so on till string 6. 

I know you are fascinated, but do you know how a guitar works?

Whenever the guitar string is plucked, the vibration that it causes is transmitted to the top of the guitar through the body and neck of the guitar. The sound is also transmitted from the sides and back of the instrument, and it resonates through the air in the body, which then produces sound from the soundhole. 

Another piece of information that you didn’t know but will know once you start playing the guitar is that the sound also comes from the heart of the guitarist. What the guitarist feels is transmitted to the strings and the depth of their heart is felt by the audience through the sound produced. That is why so many times, we feel so touched after a heartfelt performance. 

Now I know you will be fascinated and thinking about starting to learn guitar. Well, we got that covered for you too as Callistyle offers the Best Guitar Class Online

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